Immersible and injectable adjuvant for fish

Our novel nanoemulsion-basedadjuvant IV-F have been successfully applied in an GIV (grouper irido virus), NNE (nervous necrosis virus), and herpes immersion vaccines. Simply mixing with the antigen, the IV-F adjuvant can easily adsorb protein-like antigen and enter mucosal tissue (as seen in figure). When co-delivered with IV-F, green fluorescent protein (GFP) can be detected in gills and the digestive tract at 20 min post-immersion.
After vaccination by immersion, specific antibodies could be detected at 2 weeks post-vaccination. Furthermore, the vaccine enhanced the survival rate of infected fish in a dose-dependent manner.
IV-F is an effective and easy-to-handle adjuvant of immersion vaccination for the fish aquaculture industry. Please contact us for further detailed information and samples.

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