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In 2002, Country Best Biotech Company was founded Taipei, Taiwan, aimed at providing colloid expertise to vaccine adjuvant products. We developed advanced emulsion and polymer technologies to aid the safety and efficacy of vaccine adjuvant. We established the first factory for adjuvant production in Asia. Nowadays, we leverage our expertise and veterinary vaccine industry perspective to provide unique, tailored solution to our clients to best suit their need.



In 2003, our veterinary adjuvant research center and PII lab were built at Pintung, Taiwan.
In 2014, our adjuvant plant for scaling up adjuvant production was established.
In 2015, the adjuvant series SUMMITTM were founded and started adjuvant marketing in Taiwan.
In 2016, the sales of adjuvant have started in China and Asia.
In 2017, our second adjuvant plant and PII lab were established in Luohe, China



We proudly present SUMMITTM Series Adjuvant in active participation with vaccine industry partners to foster continued growth, expansion for innovative vaccine products.


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