Adjuvant for a Stable Oil-in-water Emulsion

SUMMITTM P178, S550, M64, MT8, MT8-S

The antigen present in the continuous aqueous phase is released immediately to the immune system as in aqueous vaccines, while the disperse oil phase adsorb the remaining antigen causing a sustain release to the antigen., promoting the increase in short and long-time immune response. Our novel HLB technology maximizes the adjuvant stability that does not require sophisticated homogenizer or temperature control.

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  The stable emulsion of S550 or P178 permits better reproducibility from injection to injection between each animal or between each boost. They rapidly induce immune response in strong short-term protection and some long-term protection. SUMMITTM S550 and P178 contain very low mineral oil content (2~30%) and exclusively designed for swine/bovine and poultry vaccines, respectively. M64 uses metabolized oil as base while MT8 and MT8-S use both metabolized oil and mineral oil especially with MT8-S as saponin added. Metabolized oil as base can achieve better bioavailability compared with mineral oil, a better and safer choice for the animals with stable immune response.