Human Vaccine Adjuvant Research

Adjuvants for therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines

A vaccine adjuvant is used in the composition of a vaccine to increase, prolong, and modulate an immune response against the associated antigen. With our experience in animal health, we have tried to bring our expertise into human vaccine adjuvant research to encounter numerous possible diseases.
For more than 15 years, Country Best has offered adjuvant solutions for the animal health industries with safe and effective vaccine combinations. Now Country Best also focuses on the prevention of infectious diseases in human health industry. In 2020, the world has had a great impact due to the COVID-19 epidemic. We strive for the better of human health to help overcome this terrible disease by cooperation with Taiwan hospital in pre-clinical trials in mucosal human COVID-19 vaccines.
Our vaccine adjuvants follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) with sterile grades manufactured under aseptic conditions in a pharmaceutical facility to ensure that each and every person enjoys a safe and healthy life.

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  Therapeutic vaccines are administered to patients to assist the body in defending against an existing disease used to treat cancers, autoimmune diseases, and various chronic infectious diseases.
  Cbest has offered injectable adjuvants to form an effective therapeutic vaccine with stable emulsion while containing the specific antigens in the aqueous phase.
  Prophylactic vaccines are administered to healthy populations for infectious disease prevention. These vaccines require adjuvants to enhance their immune response to acquire proper protection.