Adjuvant for a stable water-in-oil emulsion

SUMMITTM P101, S102, M70

W/O adjuvant maintains the antigen in the aqueous phase while using surfactants to aid distribution of the antigen to the surface of the aqueous micelles. The antigen in the internal aqueous phase is released slowly and protected by the continuous oil phase. W/O adjuvants are recommended for swine, ruminants and poultry when long term immunity is required.

It is a specialized polymeric immunostimulant for swine and poultry. The immunostimulant can be added to the aqueous phase with antigen and then emulsified with continuous oil phase.

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 SUMMITTM P101 and S102 can be used with a wide variety of antigens because they can entrap any antigen in a water-in-oil emulsion. The stable emulsion of P101 permits better reproducibility from injection to injection between each animal or between each boost. SUMMITTM P101 and S102 are mineral oil based and exclusively designed for poultry and swine/bovine vaccines, respectively. SUMMITTM M70 is metabolizable oil based and designed to achieve better bioavailability and less stress to the animals.