Adjuvant for a stable water-in-oil emulsion

SUMMITTM P101, S102, M70

W/O adjuvant maintains the antigen in the aqueous phase while using surfactants to aid distribution of the antigen to the surface of the aqueous micelles. The antigen in the internal aqueous phase is released slowly and protected by the continuous oil phase. W/O adjuvants are recommended for swine, ruminants and poultry when long term immunity is required.

It is a specialized polymeric immunostimulant for swine and poultry. The immunostimulant can be added to the aqueous phase with antigen and then emulsified with continuous oil phase.
Adjuvant for a Stable Oil-in-water Emulsion

SUMMITTM P178, S550, M64, MT8, MT8-S

The antigen present in the continuous aqueous phase is released immediately to the immune system as in aqueous vaccines, while the disperse oil phase adsorb the remaining antigen causing a sustain release to the antigen., promoting the increase in short and long-time immune response. Our novel HLB technology maximizes the adjuvant stability that does not require sophisticated homogenizer or temperature control.
Adjuvant for Polymeric Gel Solution with Low Stress

SUMMITTM Polyliquid, GEL28

The polymer type adjuvants have been found to be particularly applicable for adsorbed aqueous antigen onto their three-dimensional polymeric network, inducing short- and long-term immune response. The aqueous polymer adjuvant makes vaccine preparation much easier without the need of sophisticated homogenization equipment.

SUMMITTM Polyliquid is exclusively designed for inactivated and live-attenuated antigens for parenteral administration. It significantly enhances the immune response with high safety and is the perfect alternative to conventional aluminum salts.
SUMMITTM GEL28 is polymer-based concentrated adjuvant made for subunit vaccine. It is suggested to be mixed at a ratio of 2(adjuvant):8 (antigen) or any ratio required. It gives a highly stable network of polymer in the aqueous phase which can enhance the immune response while maintaining a safety profile.
SUMMITTM Microparticle
Adjuvant for chitosan-based gel solution with minimal stress

The microparticle adjuvantis a chitosan-based adjuvant with great bioavailability, and biodegradation with nearly no toxicity. Chitosan itself is a strong immunostimulant with its carbohydrate polysaccharides branches. The antigen can be encapsulated by chitosan through forming an electrostatic interaction from the positive charged chitosan to the negatively charged antigen. The encapsulated complex can then form into a microparticle dispersed in the aqueous phase as a prepared vaccine.
Immersible and injectable adjuvant for fish

Our novel nanoemulsion-basedadjuvant IV-F have been successfully applied in an GIV (grouper irido virus), NNE (nervous necrosis virus), and herpes immersion vaccines. Simply mixing with the antigen, the IV-F adjuvant can easily adsorb protein-like antigen and enter mucosal tissue (as seen in figure). When co-delivered with IV-F, green fluorescent protein (GFP) can be detected in gills and the digestive tract at 20 min post-immersion.
After vaccination by immersion, specific antibodies could be detected at 2 weeks post-vaccination. Furthermore, the vaccine enhanced the survival rate of infected fish in a dose-dependent manner.
IV-F is an effective and easy-to-handle adjuvant of immersion vaccination for the fish aquaculture industry. Please contact us for further detailed information and samples.
Human Vaccine Adjuvant Research
Adjuvants for therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines

A vaccine adjuvant is used in the composition of a vaccine to increase, prolong, and modulate an immune response against the associated antigen. With our experience in animal health, we have tried to bring our expertise into human vaccine adjuvant research to encounter numerous possible diseases.
For more than 15 years, Country Best has offered adjuvant solutions for the animal health industries with safe and effective vaccine combinations. Now Country Best also focuses on the prevention of infectious diseases in human health industry. In 2020, the world has had a great impact due to the COVID-19 epidemic. We strive for the better of human health to help overcome this terrible disease by cooperation with Taiwan hospital in pre-clinical trials in mucosal human COVID-19 vaccines.
Our vaccine adjuvants follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) with sterile grades manufactured under aseptic conditions in a pharmaceutical facility to ensure that each and every person enjoys a safe and healthy life.